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Sandy Smith is editor-in-chief of EHS Today magazine, a Penton Media Inc. publication. She has been writing about occupational safety and health and environmental issues since 1990. She has been interviewed about occupational safety and health for documentaries and television programs, has served as a panelist on roundtables, has provided the keynote address for occupational safety and health conferences and has won national and international awards for her articles.


House Overturns OSHA’s 2015 Recordkeeping Amendment Stemming from the Volks Case

In one of the first in what probably will be a long line of changes for recent regulations and amendments promulgated by OSHA during the Obama administration, the U.S. House of Representatives on March 1 passed H. J. Res 83, a resolution of disapproval, under the Congressional Review Act. Introduced by Rep.

High Five! Tell EHS Today About Your Successful Hand Protection Program

If you are a safety professional in any industry who has a successful hand protection program, EHS Today wants to talk to you!!

Over 1 million workplace hand injuries occur each year. Some 20 percent of disabling workplace injuries involve the hands. Of those injuries, 63 percent are lacerations, 13 percent are crush injuries and the remaining injuries are punctures, fractures, burns and amputations.

OSHA 1910.138 states:

Ladder Losers [Photo Gallery]

The Ladder Association, the UK organization behind the annual “”Idiots on Ladders” competition, has returned, this time with the Ladder Leaders/Ladder Losers competition.

From Oct. 1 through Nov. 11, followers of their Facebook page had the opportunity to post photos of ladder losers and leaders.

Federal Agencies Tasked with Producing a List of Rules to Be Rescinded or Replaced

President Donald Trump on Feb. 24 signed the Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda executive order, which gives all federal agencies 90 days to produce a list of regulations to be rescinded or replaced.

The executive order also creates a task force and requires agency heads to appoint a regulatory reform officer for each federal agency. The members of the task forces are responsible for identifying regulations to be targeted for repeal or revision.

DOL Sues Food Manufacturer For Terminating Employee Who Sought Help for Co-Worker

When a co-worker severed part of his thumb in July 2014, a food processor at a beef jerky manufacturing plant in West Virginia acted quickly, helping him apply pressure to the wound and using her cellphone to call 911.

Emails from EPA’s Pruitt Reveal Close Ties to Fossil Fuel Industry

In response to a judge’s order, the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office on Feb. 21 released 7,564 pages of emails, many of which reveal the close relationship EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt had with a number of energy companies and lobbyists for the industry when he was attorney general.

Construction Worker Killed When Pipe Rolls Off a Trailer

Construction worker David Earl Hyde was killed Feb. 20 when a large metal pipe rolled off a trailer and struck him.

According to the state patrol, the 38-year-old Missouri man was assisting in the unloading of large metal pipes from a trailer when a pipe weighing as much as 2,500 pounds landed on him. They said that Hyde died at the scene.

According to a statement from Ames, the contractor on the project, “the worker was delivering pipe to the project and a section of pipe may have rolled off the delivery truck when the worker unstrapped it.”

I Spy: Researchers Use Eye-Tracking Technology to Detect Deception

The average person has about a 50-50 chance of knowing when someone is lying. Iowa State University researchers are using eye-tracking technology to improve those odds, specifically for interviews conducted online.

Joey George, John D. DeVries Endowed Chair in Business and a professor of information systems at Iowa State, says people think they can detect deception, but they often looking are at the wrong thing.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt: From Chief Opponent to Agency Chief

On Feb. 17, Scott Pruitt was sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He subsequently resigned his position as attorney general of Oklahoma.

Eight Ways to Wellness in the Workplace [Photo Gallery] 1

John Hitch is a staff writer at New Equipment Digest, and he covers manufacturing technology and trends. John often reviews products and services.

Motor Vehicle Deaths in 2016 Estimated to be Highest in Nine Years

Open any newspaper, log on to your local news web site or tune into the evening news and it’s obvious we have a problem:

Is Your Workplace Becoming a Battleground?

The concern in the workplace used to be office politics. Who was the favorite? Who was out of favor? Who got the best view, the biggest office, the cubicle next to the bathroom?

Now, some managers are wondering if the politics will ever end, and they’re not talking office politics. Loud, disruptive and divisive political debate has invaded some workplaces, with offices becoming partisan battlegrounds as many of us continue to fixate on what’s going on in Washington.

Tow Truck Driver Got Carried Away, Is Ordered to Repay Benefits

A service technician who claimed he was too injured to work but who got a job driving a tow truck pleaded guilty Feb. 10 for running a workers’ compensation scam.

Kyle Valle, 30, of Algona, Wash., pleaded guilty to felony, second-degree theft in King County Superior Court. Judge Hollis R. Hill sentenced Valle to 20 days in jail, but allowed the jail time to be converted to 160 hours of community service. Hill also ordered Valle to repay the state $12,585, the amount of disability benefits he wrongfully received.

A ‘Blow Torch’: Louisiana Pipeline Explosion Leaves Five Injured, One Missing 1

The call came in at 6:42 pm on Feb. 9 from an unnamed operator at the Phillips 66-operated Paradis Pipeline Station, located 30 minutes west of New Orleans in St. Charles Parish, La. The caller was reporting an electrical fire at the facility. Multiple calls to the parish’s emergency response office and 9-1-1 line followed within minutes, with the callers reporting loud noises and a possible explosion at the pipeline. Shortly thereafter, emergency response operators lost communication with the facility.

Guide Helps EHS Professionals Choose the Right Slip-Resistant Footwear

The Institut de Recherche Robert-Sauvé en Santé et en Sécurité du Travail (IRSST) has published “How to Choose Slip-Resistant Occupational Footwear.” The guide presents the procedures for selecting footwear that will provide good grip and adequate protection against other hazards.