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Associate Editor,
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Stefanie Valentic is an associate editor for EHS Today magazine, a Penton Media Inc. publication.

 A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she has been in B2B publishing for eight years. Her work has spanned many industries including crop protection, landscaping, horticulture and pest control.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism degree from Ohio University. You can find her on Twitter @SVSafety.


Consumer Group Questions EPA, Monsanto Collusion on Roundup Health Risks

Consumer groups and law firms are raising awareness for farm worker and consumer health after internal emails leaked this week show Monsanto’s leading pesticide Roundup could cause cancer, and previous research showing no health risks was completed by company employees.

OSHA Launches Campaign to Address Fatalities in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska

A rise in fatality inspections in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska has OSHA calling on employers to rethink their approaches to worker safety.

The agency recently launched its Safe and Sound Campaign to make companies more aware of the services it offers as well as address some common hazards in the region that have led to fatalities including confined space and struck by incidents.

Spring has Sprung: Five Habits That Can Irritate Allergies [Photo Gallery]

Outdoor and indoor workers alike are gearing up for the first day of spring, also known as the beginning of allergy season to many.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), tree, grass and weed pollen, mold spores, dust mites, cockroaches, and cat dog and rodent dander are among the most common allergies Americans face.

Although facing them may seem just like another daily task to some, the AAFA estimates that allergies contribute about $17.5 billion in healthcare costs along with 6 million lost work and school days.

Contract Worker Dies at Goodyear’s Topeka Plant

James Lay Jr., a 61-year-old contract worker, was fatally injured at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s Topeka, Kan. manufacturing facility on Tuesday, March 15.

Kansas Personnel Services Inc., the staffing agency that employed Lay, and Goodyear have not provided a written statement, but the companies did acknowledge that OSHA investigators already were on the scene to determine what happened.

So far, there have been no details released about the incident or the circumstances surrounding it.

March 2017 Spotlight: Foot Protection [Photo Gallery]

With 120,000 work-related foot injuries per year and ever-expanding product options, selecting the right footwear for your employees can be a daunting task.

EHS Today's March 2017 issue highlighted six tips to choosing the right work boots, beginning with comfort and ending with maintenance.

Here are four brands with recent innovations that were featured in the print edition. Click through the slideshow to view their products.
March Madness: Brackets Increase Workplace Morale

March Madness is underway, and those infamous brackets could be a way to increase worker productivity, a new study finds.

Randstad US, who conducted the survey, found 9 in 10 workers agree office pools help build better team camaraderie.

Protecting Those Peepers: A Guide to Eye Wash and Emergency Shower Stations

Chocolate milk. That's what the water resembled to John Eliszewski as it flowed out of an emergency eyewash station.

While assessing eye wash and emergency showers for clients, Eliszewski, a Grainger technical safety specialist, says he periodically comes across companies that have failed to maintain the equipment. For an unsuspecting employee, this could mean the difference between losing his/her sight or experiencing severe burns after chemical exposure.

Sincerely Stefanie: Don't Be Captain Hindsight

One of my favorite TV shows is "South Park." While it's raunchy and constantly borders on crossing the line, it's great social commentary in some cases.

One particular episode I've seen about a dozen times features a superhero named Captain Hindsight. This fictional character sticks in my mind because the message or symbolism of him rings true when it comes to regretting a situation and having to deal with consequences that could have been avoided with some prior analysis or foresight.

Product Innovations in EHS Today's March 2017 Issue [Photo Gallery]

Each month, EHS Today features the latest product innovations that are geared to enhance your workplace safety initiatives. See the latest products from companies including 3M, Bayco Products Inc., MCR Safety, UL, Honeywell, ClickSafety, AutomationDirect, FallTech, CEA Instruments and Emergent Safety Supply.

To view the product descriptions and photos, use the arrows to move back and forth through the slideshow.

International Women’s Day Highlights Workplace Discrimination

Despite being separated by an ocean, a literal or a physical border, women from different countries often face similar issues when it comes to workplace equality.

On International Women’s Day, media outlets cited lower wages, maternity leave, sexual harassment and job security, among the most common acts and practices females experience.

Web Application Examines the Real Costs of Mining Injuries

The rate of fatal accidents in the coal mining industry is almost six times higher than private industry, and this had led the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to develop a new tool to combat that number.

"Safety Pays in Mining" is a web application that shows companies in the industry the cost of worker injuries. The tool offers information not only on the cost of injury claims, but a few suggestions on how that same money might be spent in other ways, according to the agency.

National Ladder Safety Month Focuses on Education, Training

More than 2,000 people per day are injured during improper ladder use, and the industry is taking major steps to reduce that number.

The American Ladder Institute has declared March as Ladder Safety Month, and businesses such Little Giant Ladder Systems are providing resources to promote the cause.

Colorado Releases Marijuana Workplace Health and Safety Guide

Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has issued a new document detailing how marijuana growers can successfully manage a health and safety program in response to the state’s growing industry.

The “Guide to Worker Safety and Health in the Marijuana Industry” provides an outline for businesses based on existing rules and regulations from national and federal agencies including OSHA and the EPA in an effort to assist them in creating an effective occupational health and safety program.

Associated Builders and Contractors Releases Annual Report, Honors National Safety Award Winners

The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) recently released its annual report which measures the construction industry’s overall safety performance.

The Safety Performance Report utilizes data from the organization’s member companies to determine what constitutes world-class safety as well as providing tips to improve company programs.

The methodology of ABC’s Safety Performance Report is summarized as follows:


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